A proven approach to boost your sales

Sales Colors boosts your sales by linking commercial culture, sales processes and sales behaviour.


  • Insight

    Sales Colors creates insights where commercial improvements can be made within organisations.

  • Interaction

    Sales Colors’ services helps Sales Representatives to maximise sales performances.

  • Implementation

    The Sales Colors App stimulates commercial behaviour of the complete sales team.

A unique methodology

See where your sales organisation can improve at a glance. After analysing the commercial culture, the sales processes, and the sales behaviour you can directly see how this can be done.

Sales Colors focuses at 3 organisational levels

  • Commercial Culture Scan

    The commercial culture is analysed by spreading online surveys amongst a relevant part of your organization.

  • Sales Process Analysis

    The sales processes are rated by the internal sales departments and are displayed in the unique “4 sales colors”. This clarifies how the internal processes influence the behaviour of the sales team.

  • Sales Behaviour Analysis

    The sales team’s and sales representatives’ individual behaviour are displayed as the “4 Sales Colors” by the uniquely developed software. Sales behaviour and Sales processes combined result in your personal sales style.

79% of all sales teams use sales analysis tools to work more efficiently.

How commercial is the internal culture of your organisation?

Does your internal organization truly support the commercial strategy? Do colleagues understand the sales objectives and are they motivated to contribute to these objectives?

Get to know the commercial culture scan.

Gebruik de Sales Colors app om

Do you have insight in your account managers’ sales processes?

The Sales Colors sales process- and behavioural analysis indicate where commercial performances can be improved.