Focus on sales and maximise your revenue

Sales Colors indicates how culture, processes and behaviour strengthen each other through a sales analysis.
Sales Colors aligns these three elements and uses this as fundament to maximise revenue.

  • Sales Behaviour

    Sales Colors laat zien hoe cultuur, processen en gedrag binnen de salesorganisatie elkaar versterken door middel van een salesanalyse

    The sales behaviour analysis reveals the current sales behaviour of the sales team. Does this behaviour result in more sales?

  • Sales Process

    Maximaliseer omzet met de Sales Colors salesanalyse

    The sales process analysis indicates the strength of the sales support. Are sales representatives supported to work efficiently?

  • Commercial Culture

    Gebruik de salesanalyse om salesresultaten te verbeteren

    The commercial culture analysis indicates the internal commercial culture. Does the internal organization sufficiently support sales? And is the culture more internal- or customer focused?

Introducing: The Sales Colors

Sales Colors separates four sales colors. Every color stands for a specific style of sales. The total Sales Colors sales analysis indicates what can be done to maximise results at one glance.

Sales Colors helpt omzet te verhogen met  een salesanalyse

The approach with four recognisable colors provided me with an integral overview of the entire sales organization for the first time.

Krijg inzicht welk gedrag gestimuleerd kan worden om betere resultaten te behalen met de salesanalyse.

Gain insights into which sales behaviour can be developed to improve personal sales results.

  • Clearly described individual behaviour

    The Businessfriend seeks cooperation and is involved with both customers and colleagues. The orange sales representative adds the ambition to be successful together.
    The small circles indicate the behaviour that is insufficiently used. This sales representative does not organize activities based on content and allows room for improvement when it comes to closing the deal.

  • Sales analysis of your commercial behaviour

    Explore where you commercially excel and in which areas you can develop yourself into an even more complete sales representative.

The sales analysis clarifies which team behaviour needs to be improved in order to enhance sales results.

  • Your full sales team in one complete overview

    At a glance, it becomes clear that Gudo is more ambitious compared to the team. Besides, he is more focused on cooperation. Gudo can learn something from the team when it comes to structure and pace of work.

  • Analysis of the commercial team behaviour

    Explore in which areas your team excels and where it can improve its cooperation.