"Simply gaining insight into individual strengths and pitfalls, as well as the efficiency of the sales team, provided us with a lot to think about."
Robin van Pampus (Manager Sales & Reservations)

Hospitality & Industry

BCN facilitates effective training, quality education, and targeted meetings by providing luxurious training locations for educators and businesses. At these - always easily accessible - locations, they offer the right facilities, service, and hospitality. "The insights from the Sales Colors analysis precisely align the team's commercial focus," says Robin van Pampus. And because we have a wealth of in-depth information, such as specific competencies and process topics, the BCN sales team can truly make strides. We highly recommend any sales organization to take advantage of the insights that Sales Colors can provide!

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"We considered putting our commercial strategy at the forefront of our approach as the decisive argument to collaborate with Sales Colors."
Kirsten Dam (Chief Commercial Officer, Ceban Pharmaceuticals)

Life Science & health industry

Ceban Pharmaceuticals is a growing international healthcare platform, providing pharmaceutical solutions to local healthcare service providers throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain, with the ambition to expand into multiple European countries. Through a strategic session with the sales management, the 'Ideal Sales Profile' was formed. This profile ultimately served as the foundation for a session with the account team. For Kirsten Dam, CCO of Ceban Pharmaceuticals, this was the decisive factor to follow the Sales Colors approach alongside her commercial team. The outcome, with both a team plan and an individual action plan for each participant, allows Ceban to fully focus on the future."

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"The analyzed data provided us with the right insights on which all colleagues should focus in the upcoming period. This will result in a comprehensive and clear commercial approach."
Albert Jan Jongsma (Executive/Managing Director of Abiant Holding B.V.)

Recruitment & Staffing

Abiant, the staffing agency in Groningen, Friesland, and Drenthe, is the proud employer of over 2,000 dedicated employees, better known as Abianters. From 11 branches, numerous business clients are assisted every day with flexible skilled workers. Abiant originated as a cooperative. To this day, farmers can become members and ensure that relief caretakers are available when they are temporarily unable to run their own businesses. Among its clients, Abiant is known for being reliable, cooperative, and decisive. To maintain the quality of its services, there is a dynamic and open culture that emphasizes individual initiative, proactivity, and personal development of employees.

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"Thanks to Sales Colors' approach, we are now much more focused on commercial profitability."
Harold Koers ( CEO KOERS Construction Group)

Construction & Property maintenance

For 50 years, KOERS has been specialized in renovating, maintaining, and energetically sustainable upgrading of buildings. With 5 locations in the Randstad region, they are always close by. It is a true family-owned company with 200 passionate professionals who strive to make a difference. At all our locations, employees who interact with customers have conducted a Commercial Analysis. This has provided insight into the gaps between our current commercial strategy and the desired one. Under the guidance of Sales Colors, all locations have developed plans to align themselves with that strategy. "We immediately see a greater level of focus as a result," says Harold Koers

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"A beautiful application that shows us at a glance where we need to focus in order to get more returns from our sales activities."
Jeroen Wielhouwer (Manager Sales De BelevenisTafel)

Information technology & Services

"The BelevenisTafel is a company that provides connection and communication in elderly care, disability care, libraries, and museums through an interactive screen. Jeroen Wielhouwer: "Our Account team gained insight into the extent to which our sales style aligns with the commercial strategy through the Sales Colors Sales Analysis. Based on this insight, we have created an improvement plan on how we can individually and as a team align our sales style as much as possible with that commercial strategy. And we can get started on that immediately!"

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"The innovative way of analyzing, both our own commercial behavior and the desired commercial behavior, provides us with a clear direction for further developing ourselves as a team."
René Kleine (Salesmanager Sevenstars North)

Recruitment & Staffing

Sevenstars is the specialist in the mediation of temporary IT professionals, providing an independent IT-flex regulation that ensures a speedy and efficient process from matching to invoicing. With a thorough understanding of the people, processes, and market, they cover the entire hiring process of temporary IT professionals. Through the Commercial Ideal Profile and Gap Analysis, we have gained valuable insights into the necessary actions as an organization to achieve our commercial goals. René Kleine affirms that this analysis has given the necessary focus for the coming period.

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"It's a great approach with a great app that shows us how we can expand the business in our regions"
Martijn Kleij (Chief Commercial Officer DPD Netherlands)

Parcel carrier

“DPD Netherlands is part of the international DPDgroup, which in turn is part of the French Groupe La Poste. DPD is the largest player in the European parcel sender market. Every day, around 120,000 employees worldwide are ready to transport 8.4 million parcels to more than 230 countries. Customers receive and send their parcels from 70,000 Pickup parcelshops. The challenges are great and the competition is fierce. Sales Colors has helped us to gain detailed insight into where we can still grow as an organization through a specialized analysis. They support us in implementing the plans. We look forward to making this a success.”

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“For the coming period we will know where to focus on in sales”
Bas Buis (Country Manager BeNeLux & BUH Oncology - France & BeNeLux)

Lifescience – & gezondheidszorg industrie

"Kyowa Kirin focuses – worldwide – on improving the health and well-being of people. We do this by being continuously aware of the needs of patients. But also of their families and caregivers who have to deal with diseases or their complications, for which no good treatments are yet available. In order to bring our products to the attention, we find it important to do this both personally and as a team, in the most efficient way. Sales Colors has helped us to focus here on the basis of correct insights and a specific development direction".

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“The extensive sales analysis, visible in the 'Sales Colors App', was the foundation of a very successful workshop”
Tony Vrijsen (Commercial Director BCA Autoveiling)

Auction of passenger cars

"At BCA Autoveiling, we are will focus on internal collaboration and, even more, on customer interests and increasing turnover. To achieve this, we started a process with Sales Colors in which their sales analysis mapped out our ideal sales profile. Our top sales people then completed the Behavior-, and Process analysis. During the workshop, all our sales profiles were discussed and we analyzed our efficiency. The improvements suggested that will help us to work more customer-oriented, are described in a Plan of Approach. This plan will be our focus. Because we have also carried out the Commercial Culture Scan of our internal organization, we will further optimize the cooperation with Sales. All for the benefit of our customers!"

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"The team session based on the results in the app has made our commercial cooperation much more efficient"
Marcel van der Linden (District Manager Boehringer Ingelheim)

Life science – & gezondheidszorg industrie

"In the innovative market in which Boehringer Ingelheim operates, it is becoming increasingly important that our sales team works and collaborates effectively. During the team-coaching of Sales Colors we were able to translate the results of the analysis to a new focus in our way of working. We know exactly what we need to do to achieve our objectives and have worked this out in a concrete Plan of Approach. We are very enthusiastic about this way of working."

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"A highly insightful gap analysis presented in an application that demonstrated how we can enhance our outcomes".
Jason Mertens (Teamlead Inside Sales CANON Business Center Netherlands)

Information Technology & Services

Canon Business Center is not sitting still. Locally, we want to be the regional partner for business optimization. This means that our current focus must be on both active business development as well as on developing long-lasting relationships. The Sales Colors analysis has provided all team members with insights into their personal, sales specific, strengths and weaknesses. Based on that data, we have developed a detailed plan of approach and we already see the positive results because of their method.

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"Sales Colors offered us a dashboard for an integral approach of our Sales department"
Koen de Groot (CEO Total Design)

Marketing & Design

Total Design is an independent, creative and innovative organization in the fields of technology, communication and branding. Total Design helps progressive brands to develop and expand themselves. The different commercial teams are exposed to new, more complex, challenges due to all the success. Therefore, this was the right time to re-assess these teams to help them to stay efficient and cooperative. Koen de Groot: "Sales Colors offered us a crystal clear dashboard for the integral approach of our sales department. Sales behaviour, internal process support and our internal sales culture were all comprehendible in the user- friendly app. This way, everyone could directly see how the different divisions affect eachother. Because of these insights, we can focus on the optimization of the sales teams and processes. "In the upcoming period, we expect that the efficiency within our sales teams will improve significantly."

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“We improved our understanding of why customers are in business with us. And we will strengthen exactly that behaviour.”
Carel Rouweler (CEO CAPPAC B.V.)

Production & distribution

The “Ideal sales representative behaviour profile” for the Cappac sales representative was composed by the directors and served as a starting point for all analyses. This salesprofile was directly visible within the Sales Colors App. Nikki: “The analysis of my sales behaviour completely corresponded with my expectations. In advance, I completely expected to be a Green sales representative. What I mainly learned was what this colour exactly entails in the profession of sales. I gained insights into my strengths and pitfalls and I know now how I can contribute better to strengthening customer relationships.”

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“Our salesteam became more customer focused”
Arie Kees van de Leeden (Salesmanager Lifescience & Health Industry)

Lifescience & health industry

“Through the Sales Colors analyses, I gained an in-depth insight into the main sales strengths of my sales team. Furthermore, I gained more knowledge on how I can develop myself into a more effective manager. I gained a completely new view on how I come across towards both my colleagues and our customers. The adjestments to the sales processes ensured that my team is more efficiently supported by the sales processes and therefore helped me achieve our best sales results so far.”

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“Sales Colors is more that software alone, their broad approach really made a difference.”
Paul Wijne (Managing Director ACM Products B.V.)

Sport products industry

“The commercial consciousness within our entire organization has grown. At first, we were quite sceptical regarding a sales analysis regarding our sales colors. However, after we implemented the Sales Colors analyses, all the participants were enthousiastic. It is not just fun to know what your personal sales style is, but the colors ensure it is extremely user- friendly and it motivates you to develop yourself as sales representative. As directors, we even gained grip on how our internal culture can become more effective in supporting our sales department.”

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"Through an extensive process analysis, we have become much more efficient as a team in our daily work. We notice that the results are getting better as a result"
Jeroen van Brussel (VP Sales NL Datacenter)

Information Technology & Services

After an extensive analysis and a session with Sales Colors, we were able to indicate a number of priorities. We started working on this with small teams and made a number of processes much more effective. As a result, our day-to-day operations are much better supported and our output has received a significant boost.

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