B2B sales organizations will have to anticipate on changing buying motives and unmet customer needs.

“To stay relevant, B2B sales organizations will need to anticipate changing buying motives and unmet customer needs” – Source: Accenture

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the focus of every B2B sales organization. Not your own organisation has changed, your customers and prospects have also made strategic changes in order to successfully cope with the pandemic.

As the accompanying study from Accenture shows, these changes have caused customers’ buying motives to change. This makes it important to investigate whether your proposition still fits in with the customer’s new strategic direction. That is why the relational sales style (green color according to Professor Graves’ theory) of your sales staff will become an important point of attention for the coming period.

Why? Because the ‘green salesperson’ puts the customer first and is naturally highly involved. To stay in line with your customer portfolio, salespeople need to excel in empathetic and customer-oriented sales behavior right now.

Sales Colors sees that it is not only sales behavior that requires adjustment. The internal sales processes and the commercial culture also require adaptation to this strategic change, so that both factors support your sales staff optimally.