How do you actually sell your product best, when there are many companies that offer something similar?

Howard Tullman (GM G2T3V): “We live in a world where information is available to everyone and the necessary technology is accessible to every company”.

Therefore, there is a good chance that your product, service or information will also be offered by others in the market. How do you sell your product best when there are so many suppliers on the market that offer something similar?

Here are the 3 most important tips we took from this article:

  1. Precisely because there are so many suppliers of the same product on the market, a customer is not always convinced by product-related arguments. Potential customers are more likely to do business with you based on your inspiring story.
  2. Avoid talking too much about USPs, competitor comparisons and other data. Customers often make emotional decisions and usually not based on data or analytics.
  3. “Under-promise and over-deliver”: A positive customer experience is still based on exceeding his or her expectations. By not exaggerating at the beginning, customer expectations will be easier to exceed.