Empathetic ability

Developing Empathy (Ray Makela for Forbes) – 3 Tips from Sales Colors.

Sales organizations notice that it takes longer and longer before you can turn a lead into a customer. The main reason for this is that more and more decision makers are involved in the sales process. In addition, virtual meetings with leads has made it even more difficult to build good business relationships. This has made selling on a relational basis very complicated, according to Ray Makela for Forbes.

Increasing the empathic capacity of salespeople helps to convince decision makers faster and to make a real connection virtually.

Three tips from SalesColors to increase empathy:

  1. Research the company and person you are meeting with in advance. This ensures that you will understand the challenges of the company faster.
  2. Active listening is the foundation for empathy. Keep asking questions of the prospect and sum up the story for the prospect to confirm you understand.
  3. Don’t start talking about your solution until the prospect has explained their challenges.