Top sport and sales

Top sport and sales and the added value of prospective analyses

Top athletes train on the basis of analyses, sales can do that to!

The government, National Olympic Committee, top football clubs, Formula 1 teams.. they all work on the basis of data. Usually retrospectively, but even more important is to use that data prospectively. This makes them a predictive factor and allows for adjustments to be made even earlier.

In top sports, this data is used to influence competitions… in a legal way, of course.

Training forms are adapted to this and competition tactics are carried out. In addition, there are individual tests to analyze athletes and teams in order to develop a ‘customized training program’. This makes the training programs more effective and positively influenced the final result.

Sales actually works the same way. Sales is also top sport, so rightly so! Different data is used such as: Sales Qualified Leads (SQL), Number Targeted Customers, revenue result, Closing Ratio, Sales per employee – per team – per target group – per industry – etc. Very important data that can be used to be predictive and ‘ influence the match. And of course there are also analyzes that can be done to determine which aspects per individual, per team or per organization are the most important to develop. Think of certain aspects of sales behaviour, the effectiveness as a sales team or the efficiency of the supporting sales processes.